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Tutorial 2: Viewer tab functionalities

The second tutorial is describing the functionalities in the viewer tab. This is the first part, explaining how to load a map context, how to zoom in and out, saving map contexts, scales, coordinates and other.
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Tutorial 3: Viewer tab – part 2

In this video we continue to show the functionalities in the viewer tab for our platform. On the upper right side we can see the following group of buttons: workspace, tools, legend and help. If we click on Workspace, we can click to save the map context. This functionality gives us the opportunity to save…
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Tutorial 4: EOClimLab Platform Tools

The forth tutorial describes the tools available in the EOClimLab platform, in the viewer tab. This tutorial is teaching you how to manage and use those tools. There are a few quite interesting tools relating to positioning, measurements and other, offering functionalities that worth to be explored.
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