Global Lakes Sentinel Services Project | The GLaSS Project

Global Lakes Sentinel Services Project

The GLaSS Project

 Monitoring of water quality of inland waters is important in every days life, for drinking water, transport, recreation, agriculture (including drinking water for cattle and or irrigation) and for ecology. Water samples provide detailed information, but are limited in time and space. Earth Observation (EO) can provide a great spatial overview, which is very useful for ecologists and water mangers. The high spatial resolution of Sentinel-2 and the high overpass frequency of Sentinel-3, combined with their high locational accuracy, will provide unprecedented monitoring capabilities for inland waters.

The EU collaborative project Global Lakes Sentinel Services developed a a core system to ingest and process Sentinel data of the lakes of interest. Algorithm tests have been performed and many tools were developed to work with the data. Global lakes use cases demonstrate what can be done with the new Sentinel and other EO data with regard to monitoring, trend analysis and classification such as for the Water Framework Directive.


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