Tutorial 3: Viewer tab – part 2

In this video we continue to show the functionalities in the viewer tab for our platform.

On the upper right side we can see the following group of buttons: workspace, tools, legend and help.

If we click on Workspace, we can click to save the map context. This functionality gives us the opportunity to save the map content on the local environment. We can type in a title, keywords, and even a summary text about this map context.

The next option is to load a map context and if we click on it we can see that we have the option to load it either from the available layers, either from the local files we previously saved. We can choose the local file by clicking choose file on the bottom of the window.

The next option on the workspace button is to get a permalink. By clicking there we will get an address where your map is shared.

We also have some more options to share this map by using the last functionality under the workspace button, share this map. There we have two options, Mobile viewer which provides us a mobile compatible viewer on sdi.georchestra.org, and desktop viewer on the same platform.

The next tutorial will explain the tools in the platform viewer tab.

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